Matter, space and time are dreamlike and they develop on its own rules, unhinged by method prearranged and by rules approved. Within a dream any reference crumbles to physical parameters and to the concrete existence of the real. Sometimes there is a sense of confusion and uncertainty, and yet we end up being attracted and captured in that crazed dimension. We are sometimes in doubt about the extent of the same dream, because it is confused with the real world. Explaing we question our state: “Am I dreaming? It is reality or fiction? Where am I?”.

Frames from a movie with no story, no narration, assembled for combinations of  images in accordance to a encoded and encrypted logic. A bust and some mirrors; a sequence of eyes are dominated by a chandelier, a table of empire style dominates a impercetible, vague and sublunar setting. Magic boxes, fragments of dreams, apparent surreality where everything is entirely defined, clear, organised and orderly. A real and credible dimension, that is at the same time visionary and crazed. We are in a private abode where we can find an atmosphere of strong dedication to art and beauty. We look inside a cube where matter ,relating to the concrete world, becomes word for structuring a metaphysical discourse.

Luca Cacioli builds, manipulates, cuts, substitutes, puts together and chooses extra normal objects, blocking them in snap-shots in which everything is calculated to the incongruities. There is always a small detail that breaks the perfection of the totality- the angle line of the wall in the lower mirror isn’t completely centered; the chandelier, the drops which don’t follow the simmetry of the underlying sequence; the game of weights ,including ornaments, table and lamp which drives the eye to the reading of the image, by defining a mobile balance, moved now to the right, now to the left. The accident wakes up the observer, admonishing him about the real nature of what he observes.

Dreams, Reflections and Fragments constitute a triptyque in which plausibility and abstraction are con-fused, exalting all boundaries between reality and imagination.

Tiziana Tommei – Art Curator